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    Design Trend: Are Gradients The New Way To Use Colors?

    SHAHS / April 24, 2017 / Design

    In design, color is a key visual element, so they often influence general trends in the field—recently, it seems that flat, solid colors are giving way to more dynamic color gradients.

    Art director and product designer Gal Shir recently penned an article for Muzli about the rise of the color gradient as a design trend—they are being used more often in UI, branding, illustration, typography and other kinds of creative projects.

    We remember these unusual visuals much better because we aren’t used to see them yet.

    According to Shir, gradients may be seen as a new, more refreshing way of using colors—by blending two or more colors together, one is able to create a look that appears more unique and modern.

    In addition to giving brands and individuals more options with which to craft their own one-of-a-kind identities, gradients are also more pleasing and comfortable to the human eye as they already exist in the natural world—in contrast, flat, single-shade colors do not, making them appear manufactured and man-made.

    Read more about Shir’s take on color gradients as a design trend here—are you already using gradients in your work?

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