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    ‘Font Map’: Awesome Tool Helps Designers Find Relationships Between Google Fonts

    SHAHS / April 24, 2017 / Design, Web

    Every typeface has its merits—even the infamous ‘Comic Sans’ works as a great attention-grabber because it’s so despised by many. But with so many free ones available on the internet, which ones should you use?

    The largest library of web fonts, Google Fonts, hosts hundreds of typefaces with multiple fonts—which means you might spend hours looking for the perfect one for your website or project. Furthermore, if you’re a little sick of a font and just want to find something similar, running a manual search is going to waste a considerable amount of time.

    Noting the overwhelming variety you’ll find on Google Fonts, global design company IDEO invented ‘Font Map’—a cool new artificial intelligence tool with fonts plotted across a screen that understands relationships between them.

    If you’re pressed for time, this AI experiment is a lifesaver. Just input the name of any font and the ‘Font Map’ will display similar ones for you. Alternatively, you can look for a fresh new typeface for your design by dragging your cursor along the map and finding a suitable typeface.

    Take a look at some examples below and give ‘Font Map’ a go. If you’d like to nail your typography game in a jiffy, this charming animated video will do the trick.



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