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    The Logo Design Trends To Note, According To Adobe Creative Cloud Team

    SHAHS / April 24, 2017 / Design, Logo

    Design is dynamic and constantly evolving. It incorporates new trends and styles all the time. Adobe has analyzed logo design trends that you might want to consider while creating your own brand mark.

    Less is more: the success behind a lot of memorable logos is in their seemingly ‘obviousness’ as a solution.

    Minimalism is about removing unnecessary details and leaving only the essentials. With simple forms, minimal colors and effects, and a smart focus, minimalism allows you to create a unique logo and use it across various backgrounds and platforms.

    An Experience Designer at Adobe states that simple shapes and lines in logo design have retained their popularity this year. Creating a logo that is effortless and simple is far more challenging as compared to making one that is “trendy”.

    When you work in-house, you have the advantage of being able to witness firsthand the growth and development of a brand.

    Google Doodles is a good example of a brand that showcases interactive identity. As a brand grows overtime, the traditional logo will have to adapt to the brand experiences and include a level of openness and dynamism. Examples of such brand identity systems are Michael Beirut’s rebrand of the MIT Media Lab and Paula Scher’s rebrand of The New School.

    A brand can no longer rely on a singular and static logo mark to tell its story, but rather the definition of a logo has expanded into a system of parts (or logo sets) that is much more fluid and can work across the entire brand.

    An interesting trend that is starting to pick up is logos that are created through algorithms. Some companies have adopted this trend as it is able to eliminate designers from the entire process and use computer algorithms to create the logo instead. Although it is still in the works, advancements in AI and the use of machines might allow this trend to grow in the near future.

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