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    Why Your Logo Design May Be Killing Your New Brand

    SHAHS / April 24, 2017 / Design, Logo

    Brand identity is everything. Your logo gives customers an instant cognitive connection to your brand—so how they react to your logo design reflects the way they’ll feel about your company.

    Even if you’re just starting out, it’s good to invest in proper graphic design because a shaky beginning can cause you to lose your footing. Cartoonist Theresa Chiechi has provided CS Designworks with her two cents’ worth of quality logo design.

    Still not convinced? Check out these awesome logo mashups from highly dissimilar companies.

    A good logo

    Theresa says, “Customers are just as judgmental as that popular clique in high school that sat at that super exclusive lunch table that no one was allowed to sit at unless they had an invitation.” They’ll be able to decide for themselves—just by looking at your logo—if they’d like to establish a relationship with you or not.

    Take for example, McDonald’s logo. The golden arches are more recognizable than the cross. What’s its secret? It’s simple and memorable. It’s also versatile—in that it can be resized and reprinted in black and white, but you’ll still be able to identify it.

    Ask yourself who you’re targeting and what kind of people you’re trying to lure with your logo. Working backwards and thinking like your demographic will make designing your logo easier. Find out their likes and dislikes and keep on the lookout for elements of design that may interest them.

    Here’s how you should design for millennials.


    Logo colors can powerfully affect people on an emotional level. If you’ve ever wondered why many fast food logos are in red and yellow, that’s because these colors are known to improve your appetite.

    Similarly, social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter all have blue logos because blue makes people feel more welcomed and promotes interaction.


    Making drastic changes to your logo time and again can cause people to disconnect from your brand. If you’re consistent, it signifies that your company is reliable. Companies like Amazon have loyal customer bases because they make improvements to their logos while acting like nothing has changed.

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