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    How To Spot A Cheap Logo Design

    SHAHS / April 28, 2017 / Design, Logo

    1. It’s too complicated
    The most remembered logos are the simplest logos, such as McDonald’s golden arches and Apple’s bitten apple. Companies are starting to take note and have been simplifying their logos so that their brands appear at the top of customers’ minds.

    When a logo is too colorful with too many details, it tells others that your brand isn’t as straightforward as it should be.

    The logo below isn’t dull—it’s simple, but powerful.

    2. It lacks versatility

    A logo should still be identifiable even when printed in black and white, and resized to 16×16 icons. A quality logo is sophisticated at full size, yet tells customers something even when shrunk down.

    This logo of City of Melbourne is highly adaptable yet recognizable.

    3. It’s derivative

    A logo’s design should be timeless, and not copied from short-lived trends. The BMW logo hasn’t changed much over the years, just refreshed to stay updated.

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