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    This Simple Memory Test Shows How Well You Know The Apple Logo

    SHAHS / May 4, 2017 / Logo

    With Apple being one of the most popular brands in the world today, its logo could be seen everywhere—and if you use its products, you would probably see it many times a day.

    So, you would likely think that you know this famous logo pretty well—but do you?

    Last year, the University of California Los Angeles conducted a study that shows 53% of people, including both Mac and PC users, are not able to identify the Apple logo from a selection of similar images.

    According to the authors of this study, this inability to accurate remember the ubiquitous Apple logo is due to a condition called “attentional saturation”—in their words, “Through constantly seeing and attending to the same thing over and over again, our brains may learn that it is unimportant to remember the specific details—if we ever need to find them we can just look around,”.

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